Twill Tech Inc A Revolution In Transportation

In the US 92% of all miles driven are by a single occupant. 20% of all the energy consumed in the US is just driving to and from work. So it would seem that a product that addressed this niche would be of critical importance. Numerous start ups are introducing small alternative cars. This may well become a big category, but drivers are hesitant to give up safety, comfort, performance, and pay a higher initial price. At Twill Tech we are developing a radical new approach to transportation that solves all of these problems. Composite structures play a big role in this game changing vehicle providing safety, low cost, and high style.

A core technology of Twill vehicles is balancing on just two in-line wheels. This is the familiar configuration of a motorcycle. A computerized stability mechanism is employed to ensure that the Twill will stand under all circumstances, even while stopped, without putting your foot down. This allows the Twill to be completely enclosed for all-weather use.

Another key technology is that at speed the Twill is a long skinny vehicle with a low drag coefficient and low frontal area. This gives it record-breaking efficiency with an equivalent mileage of over 400 mpg. At lower speeds Twills undergo a simple articulation to stand as tall as other cars. This improves visibility and maneuverability. When parked, the Twill stands completely vertical in a meter square parking space greatly improving parking congestion. Although multi passenger versions are possible, single occupant Twills can "lane split" to double road capacity.

Every effort has been made to design Twills with the lowest possible mechanical complexity. This greatly reduces the manufacturing cost and improves reliability. As a direct drive all electric vehicle, there are no hydraulics, gears, belts, or even brakes to wear out. The only routine servicing is tire replacement and software upgrades. The composite body forms a clean, stylish form that requires no paint or maintenance.

Much of the safety and mechanical simplicity is achieved by utilizing a one piece composite monocoque frame. The unique feet-forward sitting arrangement is inspired by the NASA zero-g profile that is used in the most comfortable easy chairs. The rigid seat pan needs no adjustments so it spans from wall to wall as a structural element. This forms a nearly un-crushable composite "I beam" Additional safety comes from form fitting pellets in the seat cushions. These flow as needed to form perfectly to the driver from head to toe. In a collision these lock in place holding the shape of the driver. Air bags lock the driver in place between a polycarbonate bubble and a composite shell forming a "Life Cocoon™"

This composite application has the possibility of removing about 1 million cars off the road each year (the rate of motorcycle purchases in the US). At the same time the composite Life Cocoon™ will save countless lives in the US market. The impact on the developing world is even more profound.